SuperATV Complete Geared-Reverse Transmission For Polaris XP 1000 37.5% Gear Reduction


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Replaces OE 1333470, 1333694, 1334346 ONLY!

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  • Polaris RZR XP 1000 : 2014-2023
  • Polaris RZR XP 4 1000 : 2014-2023
  • Polaris RZR XP 1000 High Lifter : 2015-2016
  • Polaris RZR XP 4 1000 High Lifter : 2015-2016


  • Complete, assembled, drop-in, Turbo-style transmission
  • Hob cut, heat-treated, ground gears ensure perfect mesh
  • Geared Reverse
    • 3x stronger than stock
    • Extremely durable
  • Upgraded snorkel gear set
    • Pinion shaft and gears made with 9310 heavy-duty steel
    • Front output shaft made with 300M
    • 2.5x stronger than stock
    • Precision ground gears are mated perfectly for less wear and smoother operation
    • Eliminates a major weak spot in the transmission
    • Strengthens the entire drivetrain
  • Upgraded transmission case
    • More support ribs and gussets than stock
    • Extra fins help keep your transmission cool
    • More metal reinforcing the snorkel tube and axle output areas
    • Includes all necessary seals
      • 37.5% gear reduction
    • Does not include turf mode
    • Refer to your RZR XP 1000 owner’s manual for oil requirements

Description from the Manufacturer:

A Drop-In Turbo-Style Transmission for the RZR XP 1000
There’s nothing more important than a reliable transmission. But your RZR XP 1000’s stock tranny has too many weak spots. If it’s not the reverse chain breaking, it’s the case cracking—you just can’t push it the way you want to. That’s why we made a Turbo-style geared reverse transmission for your Polaris RZR XP 1000. This isn’t some hack job, either. It’s a complete transmission with geared reverse, upgraded pinion and snorkel gears, a beefed-up retainer ring, and a tougher case. It installs easily with no modification needed.

Finally! A drop-in, Turbo-style tranny for your RZR XP 1000. It’s the first of its kind, and it’s a revolution for your RZR.

Geared Reverse Is 3x Stronger than Stock
Let’s face it—you’re here because your reverse chain sucks. That’s why we’ve thrown out the reverse chain and replaced it with a geared reverse. It’s 3x stronger than stock, so you can slam on reverse anywhere you want without worrying about destroying your transmission.

Upgraded Pinion and Snorkel Gear are 2.5x Stronger than Stock
The reverse gear isn’t the only internal part we beefed up—we also made the pinion and snorkel gears the toughest you can get for a RZR 1000. They’re as big as the RZR Turbo’s pinion and snorkel gear and use a stronger 300M output shaft. Put the pedal down, knowing your transmission can keep up.

A Thicker, 6 mm Pinion Bearing Retainer
It doesn’t matter how tough your pinion and snorkel gears are if you don’t have a bearing retainer to hold them in place. That’s why we use a massive 6 mm-thick retainer with a 6-bolt pattern. It’ll keep your pinion and snorkel gear meshing perfectly no matter how hard you push it.

Upgraded Case
Our cast aluminum case holds everything together. That’s why we’ve made it stronger in all the right places. The whole case is tougher with extra cooling ribs and support gussets, but we paid special attention to the snorkel tube and the output—the biggest weak spots on stock are stronger than ever on this transmission.

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