SuperATV Heavy Duty Complete Transmission for Polaris Ranger XP 900 -See Fitment


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Only compatible with OEM part numbers: 1333145, 1333468, 1333537, 1333705, 1334082
Stock Gear Reduction – Turf Mode Deleted

Description from the Manufacturer:

The Best Built-to-Order Transmission
You’re only riding as long as your transmission is running. So why wouldn’t you want the strongest tranny on the market? Get SuperATV’s Complete Heavy-Duty Transmission for your Polaris Ranger XP 900 to enjoy hard rides and confident cruising. Every part of this transmission is built to order and upgraded over stock. Thanks to perfect meshing, you’ll never have to worry about slipped gears while you’re flooring it. Throw in an ultra-durable case and you’ve got the best dang UTV transmission on the market.

A Reverse Chain That’s Stronger Than Stock
Your stock reverse chain might be good, but is it great? We upgraded our reverse chain to make it nearly two times stronger than stock. Thanks to dual chains, you can throw it into reverse whenever you want. Steep hills? Thick sludge? Not a problem—our reverse chain will pull you through situations that would make your OEM one snap.

Better Pinion and Snorkel Gears
You’d be hard-pressed to find a better pinion and snorkel gear than ours. They’re made from one of the toughest gear materials on the planet: 9310 alloy steel. Precision engineering ensures they’re perfectly lapped. In other words, they’re broken in together for perfect mating every time. Throw in a 300M front output shaft and you’re guaranteed smooth, strong, and flawless operation.

Thicker and Stronger Pinion Bearing Retainer
We spared no details when designing this transmission, and our pinion bearing retainer is just further proof of that. Your stock bearing retainer can let the pinion gear pull away from the snorkel gear. That type of breakage can spell disaster for your ride. We fixed that issue with a thicker and stronger bearing retainer. It holds your gears firmly in place for more reliable operation.

Protected by a Top-Notch Transmission Case
So it’s clear that all of the internals have been upgraded over OEM—but what about the case? We recognize that the housing is arguably one of the most important pieces of a transmission. It protects and holds everything in place. That’s why we use 68% more material on the axle output and snorkel tube. Additional ribs and gussets add even more strength and keep everything running cool.

Fitment From the Manufacturer:

  • Ranger XP 900 : 2013-2019 Only compatible with OEM part numbers: 1333145, 1333468, 1333537, 1333705, 1334082
  • Ranger XP 900 Crew : 2013-2019 Only compatible with OEM part numbers: 1333145, 1333468, 1333537, 1333705, 1334082

Only compatible with OEM part numbers: 1333145, 1333468, 1333537, 1333705, 1334082
Stock Gear Reduction – Turf Mode Deleted

Features From the Manufacturer:

  • Complete, assembled, drop-in transmission
  • Built to order and thoroughly tested
  • Upgraded snorkel gear set
    • Pinion shaft and gears made with 9310 heavy-duty steel
    • Front output shaft made with 300M
    • 2.5x stronger than stock
    • Lapped gears are mated perfectly for less wear and smoother operation
    • Strengthens the entire drivetrain
  • Upgraded reverse chain
    • 2x stronger than stock
    • Quieter than the competition
  • Upgraded transmission case
    • More support ribs and gussets than stock
    • Extra fins help keep your transmission cool
    • 68% more metal reinforcing the snorkel tube and axle output areas
  • Stock gear reduction

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